I love Divi by Elegant Themes. But it’s not perfect. And for the record, no theme, framework or platform is. A client recently requested some changes to his site. So I did the usual: logged into the back end, checked to see if there any updates, and of course there were (this is WordPress!), and proceeded to back up the site. I then updated all plugins, which went fine. But when I updated Divi, things went horribly wrong…What was supposed to take a few minutes turned into a nightmarish journey…Luckily, I fixed the situation quickly and all is well. But I sure hope this doesn’t happen to you.

Always backup first!

I never update anything without backing up first. This is a cardinal rule in WordPress. You just don’t know what will happen when you click on that update button. And just because things have always gone well during updates doesn’t mean things will always go well. So backup your database and any files you need. If you’re using a cPanel in your web hosting, use the Backups Wizard. It’s easy peasy breezy and you won’t regret it.

When things go wrong: contact your web host and your theme maker

Even though I was pretty certain that the problem was the Divi theme, I still contacted my client’s web host. They went through the error log and found a line in there that explicitly mentioned the attempted update to the Divi theme. This was actually good news.

I then contacted Elegant Themes support and they mentioned that I should check my PHP settings, and add some code to an .htaccess file. A bit nervous, I went back to the web hosting company and they said all of my settings were fine.

At this point, I felt I had nothing to lose. So, here’s what I did: (I figured a video might be easier to follow…)


Quick note: This fix may not work for your particular situation. If it doesn’t, please contact your web hosting company and Elegant Themes. 

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