If you’re a personal trainer, yoga instructor, specialized baseball coach, or a consultant who needs some basic information from each customer and a way to take payments online, but a full-fledged membership system or class scheduling management software like MindBody is just too much for you, don’t worry. Website forms are a great way to collect important information from your clients and accept payments, too.

I recently set up a registration and payment system for one of my clients, the NPA NorCal, that allows them to collect important information from each athlete who registers for their special group conditioning sessions, and also takes payments online, securely. This has taken a load off of the coaches’ already busy schedules, and more importantly, allows them to focus on instructing.

How it works:

  1. When an athlete arrives at the NPA NorCal site, they choose the session they want to attend and select the Register Now tab.
  2. They fill out the form, submit their information.
  3. They’re then directed to Paypal for payment.
  4. When they complete their transaction, they’re redirected to NPA NorCal.

Now the athlete is signed up and ready to go. And the coaches, who have athletes’ basic information and payment, are ready to go.

Easy breezy!

Limit the number of submissions 

Since the class size was limited to 20 participants, I set the limit of submissions to 20. Once they received 20 registrations and completed payments, Ninja Forms displayed a notice to anyone trying to register that the class was full. I customized the message to include a link to NPA NorCal’s Contact page so that they could ask to be put on a waiting list. All of the completed registrations are stored in the WordPress dashboard and can easily be exported to a .csv file.

There are plenty of other ways to add a form and link to Paypal for payment. Here are a few that I’ve found and used in the past:

Some small drawbacks: no text reminders, no automatically created waiting lists

While this is a great, simple system for getting people to sign up for your classes and to get paid, it’s not the most full-featured. Reminding participants of their upcoming class and creating waiting lists will be your responsibility. So if more people try to sign up for your event than you expected, you’ll have to stay on top of organizing everything. But if you’re a small outfit and your classes tend to be on the small side, this is a great way to go.

In this video, I show how I put it all together:



If you need just a simple, easy way to get customers to sign up and pay for your services online, I highly recommend the combination of Ninja Forms and the Ninja Forms Paypal Express add-on. Eventually your business will grow to a point where you’ll probably need a more sophisticated system like MindBody, Acuity Scheduling or Karmasoft.

For more information about Ninja Forms, just go to their website.

I am not an affiliate or spokesperson for Ninja Forms; I just like their product! 

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