How I Work.

In some ways, this is the most important part of the entire process.

I try to make things as straightforward and easy-to-follow as possible. Your website is like another member of your team, and as such, should help you run your business with greater ease, clarity and joy. 

1. The Consultation

We set up a time for a free consultation that usually lasts between 30 – 45 minutes, usually on the phone. If you’re in Los Angeles, we can meet in person.

Before talking, I’ll send you a link to a questionnaire that you can fill out before we talk. It’s on a password-protected page so the only person who sees the answers is me.

The purpose of this consultation is twofold: to find out what you need and if we can work together.

The discussion is friendly and casual. I know your time is valuable, so we will dive right in and talk about you, your business, why you need a new site or site redesign, and your vision. At the end of the session, if you want me to write up a proposal, I’ll start on that right away.

2. The Proposal

The proposal is just that: a proposed solution for your situation. It is not a binding agreement. It merely gives you insight into every aspect of the website’s building and design. The document will include:

  • Why you need this new site or redesigned site
  • The number of proposed pages
  • The content needed for the site
  • The design application I’ll use for building and designing the site
  • The number of revisions that are included in the total cost
  • The expected time frame for completion
  • Notes about post-launch and how I can teach you to use the site if you want or if you want to keep me on a retainer to edit and maintain the site
  • A time by which I need a response from you as to whether we move to the next stage – writing up the agreement and invoicing for the first payment – or we part ways

If the proposal fits what you are looking for and what you need, and you think we’ll be a good team, then I write up an agreement.

3. The Agreement

It’s a simple document that includes:

  • Our proper business names
  • The project itself
  • The scope and terms if changes are requested
  • The milestones and deliverables – i.e. deadlines and what’s due
  • Payment schedule and fees
  • Our signatures — hand-signed or e-sign

If everything looks right for you, we agree on a start date. I can send you physical copies of the agreement to sign, or, a digital document that you e-sign.

4. We Work Together

Every project usually goes through four distinct phases:


  1. Research & Discovery – We discuss where you are now, your vision and where you need to go from here
  2. Content Strategy – We articulate your core message and purpose, and develop a plan for your new site so that everything speaks clearly to your target market, your ideal customers and convinces them to do business with you.
  3. Development & Design – Through mood boards and mockups, you’ll get choices on colors, fonts, graphics, images and more that will help convey your message authentically. You will get two drafts for revision before testing and launching.
  4. Post-launch plans – you’ll get instructions on how to edit and maintain your new site. If you want to hire me to do that, we can set up a retainer agreement.

Phenomenal things happen when you have a website you love.

I say this all the time. Because it’s true.