Website Development and Design

What Happens and Why

Website design is a complex process that requires a great deal of communication and collaboration. But it doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can be enlightening, exhilarating and enjoyable.

Research and Discovery Graphic
Research and Discovery Graphic

Before looking at colors, layouts, graphics, images, WordPress or other design applications, we’ll take some time to discuss everything about you and your business:

  • your target market
  • your ideal customers
  • your vision
  • what you need your new site to do for you

At this stage and going into the next, we’ll decide what kind of e-Commerce solution and/or any other options you need such as membership pages, booking calendars that take payments you need your website to do for you.

Content Strategy Graphic

Websites are like another member of your business team. So you have to give them something to do other than just state your purpose and list your products. Together, we’ll create a strategy that includes:

  • articulating your core message
  • setting up a user experience that’s geared toward your ideal customers
  • storytelling that helps you connect with your audience, and so that people feel they can trust you, and do business with you
  • finding the right features such as plugins / add-ons that will help convert visitors into customers
Content Strategy Graphic
Mood Boards, Mockups and Design Graphic
Mood Boards, Mockups and Design Graphic

Much like decorating the interior of your beloved home, we’ll look at colors, textures, fonts, images and more in a collection of mood boards.  The key is to find elements that suit your aesthetic, your style and most of all that carry your message well.

After selecting the elements you like the  most, we’ll move onto mockups. I’ll give you a few layouts for the Home Page and two typical interior pages. We’ll discuss the layouts, decide which work best for you and your business.

We move content into the design application. The site pages will be live on a staging site for your viewing. You will get two draft versions for review before we move into final testing and launch.

Post Launch Graphic

Once you have approved the design, I’ll set your site up on your server behind a “Coming Soon” page. Typically I like to put this sign up for no longer than one week. If we need to extend the time, it will be important to have a strategy in place because you don’t want to lose business while your site is under construction.

Once the site has launched, we can schedule time to go over how the site was built, and if you want instructions on how to edit, maintain and backup your site, we’ll do that, too (at no extra charge).

Post Launch Graphic

Put your new site design into caring hands.