Have you ever wondered if there were ways of using your website’s images in multiple ways? There are! Even if you’ve used a great photo in very prominent area of your website such as your home page header area, there are tons of ways of using that image and others several more times so that you add interesting, eye-catching areas to other pages, as well as other marketing collateral such as promotional postcards, flyers, newsletters, and more.
In this video I show three examples of how you can take a picture and reuse it several times.


Important points I mentioned in this video:

Unsplash, free and royalty-free images you can download. Don’t forget to thank photographers for their work!
Photoshop, my favorite photo editing software.


There are so many ways you can edit a picture to make several versions and use it in different ways. I think all you need is your imagination and a good photo editor. I love white space and never think of it as a bad thing, but I also love good photography. When you can enhance your marketing assets with various images, I think you create a much richer and more memorable experience for your visitors.