Spirit Out!

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Project Description

Based in the Minneapolis, MN area, Spirit Out! is the website of life, creativity and business coach Amy Egenberger. Amy has been helping educators and creative entrepreneurs get past major obstacles and blocks so that they can finish projects, accomplish long-term goals and ultimately live the lives they want to live. Amy’s previous website, a WordPress site that she constructed and designed, was a bit outdated, was not responsive, and overall, one that she no longer felt deeply confident showing to prospects. She had mentioned that she was planning the redesign of her site a while ago, so when she finally said she was ready, I leapt at the chance to work with her. 

Project Details

Client Spirit Out! / Amy Egenberter
What I Did  Concept development, Strategy, Re-Writing & Design
Details WordPress, Divi Framework
View spiritout.com

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Original “Action” Shots 

One of the most important parts of the new website was inserting good, original photos of Amy at work with her clients. Many coaches and consultants omit these which I think is a massive mistake. Showing Amy with her individual clients and group classes is one of the best ways she can show how she works, what kind of character she has and the types of people she serves. Prospects quickly feel that they know her, can like and trust her. Images like this move people closer to making a buying decision. 

Testimonials Add Credibility

When people come to Spirit Out!, one of the things they want to know is what Amy has done for previous clients. Because she works on very personal, private problems people have, it’s important for prospects to understand what she had helped others overcome and achieve. Social proof is vital and putting testimonials on the home page as well as other pages helps boost Amy’s credibility, likability and trustworthiness. 

I feel an inner peace and true joy that I have NEVER felt before. I am so happy with my husband, my family and my friendships. I recognize support where I have never seen it before. Perhaps the one thing that I am most grateful is that Amy helped me leave my job with very little stress about the decision, after the research was done. Leaving that job is perhaps one of the healthiest decisions I have ever made.

~ Rita Pesavento

Reorganizing for an easier, clearer user experience 

A major problem I had with the original site was the navigation. I felt there were too many pages, and that the overall experience of being on the site had to be simplified. I was also concerned about how all of those pages might affect her SEO. In the original menu, the About page had three or four sub-pages, and other pages such as her classes and coaching also had numerous sub-pages. We agreed to condense the menu, add features like toggles and accordions to the new pages, and keep everything simpler. The result? A much cleaner, easier-to-navigate experience that makes being on Amy’s site a lot more enjoyable.

More about the Spirit Out! website redesign 

There’s more that I can tell you about this wonderful project. Please go to my blog post on the Spirit Out! website where you can also watch a video about how I worked with Amy. And please visit her website, Spirit Out!