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Any athlete who’s primary movement requires them to hit, throw or strike something by rotating their shoulders and arms. RAC Conditioning works specifically with these athletes by helping them fine-tune their skills, and help them reduce injuries. Through a workout protocol and patented equipment and years of research, the principals of RAC - Charlie Nootbaar and Randy Wishmyer - have taken ahtletes from good to great and beyond. They work with some of the most revered and talented athletes in the NFL, MLB and golf world as well as high school and collegiate players. They needed a new website that succinctly explained their mission and their offerings, outstanding photography, and tools that would help them take care of signups and payments so that they could focus on what they love doing: teaching and coaching.

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Client RAC Conditiioning
What I did Copywriting, Development & Design, Content Strategy, Photography coordination
Resources Wordpress
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An About page that impresses, and earns instant trust

Charlie and Randy are busy, and very modest guys. They don't brag about who they work with, but I told them that if they could provide pictures of some of their famous clients, they'd get more signups for their training and programs. It worked! You might recognize some of the guys in the images below the one of Charlie and Randy...

Coaches, don't be shy about the great people you work with. Great athletes inspire other athletes, and when prospects see who you've coached, they'll choose you over other coaches.

The site does work so the coaches can do theirs

Charlie and Randy were very clear about how much they hate admin work. And they expressed a strong desire to make the site take care of signups, appointments and payments so that they would be able to just show up at their facility, know who they were going to work with, and not worry about payments.

But because of their unique schedule, and the number of athletes on scene, they didn't want a complicated e-commerce and booking system either.

We used Square and Square appointments to take care of business for them which made it crazy easy for them to confirm appointments, reschedule or cancel if necessary, and process payments.

Working with Charlie and Randy was fun and enlightening. I'm really happy I had the chance to work with them!

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