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Project Description

This is the second iteration of the RBPI.TV website that I've worked on. Roger Bartley, the founder and owner of RBPI, wanted a site refresh and also a way to add video clips to his site without touching the design. We uploaded all of his videos to his Vimeo channel and added a feed to the new site. And he also wanted to add a looping video to the home page that he hosted. We freshened up the About page with a horizontal slider that includes logos from his clients' (and he has worked with many of the biggest brands out there!) and a few new images. The site is nicely SEO'd and Roger is getting found more easily, and fielding more queries than ever just through the website alone.

Project Details

Client RBPI TV
Services Website Redesign, Copy editing, Content Strategy, Image management, SEO
Resources Rapidweaver
Website rbpi.tv

A fresh new look and functionality on the Portfolio

For RBPI, the most important part of the site is undoubtedly the Portfolio page. Because Roger needs to add clips from his latest projects on a regular basis, we embedded a feed from his Vimeo channel so that he can add those clips on his own, and not touch the site's design.

When a user clicks on a thumbnail of a video, it plays in the big screen on the page. On a mobile device, the user just sees the video thumbnails, which is nice and easy to use. Furthermore, because Vimeo is hosting the videos, they are never down and load quickly.

RBPI TV Portfolio screenshot video clips page

Just as important as the Portfolio - the About page

At Roger's request, we didn't change too much of the copy from the old site to the new. What we did to freshen things up was increase the font size so that it was more readable. Also, we put the logos of the companies he's worked with in a horizontal slider so that the user can drag from side to side to see the various companies that Roger's team has worked with.

We also inserted a picture from behind the scenes in which Roger supervised the filming of a PSA with actress Kerry Washington. Prospective clients love seeing a crew in action, and my only complaint is that Roger didn't have more of these types of images to show off.

The RBPI About page tells a story of a firm that is well-liked, trusted and has the experience for any job big or small.

The Positive Outcome

The new site contains a lot of the content from the previous site - but it's definitely fresher and much more user-friendly. We all know that video or photography portfolio sites are best viewed on desktops. But the fact remains that many people look at them (and for that matter, all sites) on mobile devices. So the site has been optimized for all viewing devices and browsers.

Roger can now add videos to his Vimeo channel and see it appear on the website, and he can do that on his own. He gets to determine which videos show up and in what order simply by editing his Vimeo feed. This is great, since he adds content to his channel on a regular basis, sometimes even from location.

But most of all, the site continues to help him and his team get new clients. Mission accomplished! All of the companies RBPI TV works with are among the biggest names in the world. All they want from the RBPI TV website is to see outstanding video clips and an outstanding About page. While the rest is important, of course, these are the two pages that most vital.

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