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The NPA West (National Pitching Association West) has been the home base of its parent organization, the National Pitching Association, for a number of years. Based in Santa Ana, Southern California, the NPA West works with pitchers of all levels to help them become stronger, faster, more accurate in the strike zone, and mentally better prepared to handle the pressures of the game. The NPA West wanted a new website to house their schedule of regular workouts, specialized clinics and shop. The result is a site that helps them take care of business such as signups and sales, while Randy and Charlie work with the best players in the game.

Project Details

Client The NPA West
What I did Copywriting, Development & Design, Content Strategy, Photography coordination
Resources Wordpress

Pictures that tell stories - and that convert

Because the NPA West is no ordinary baseball organization - they work only with pitchers, and they have developed proprietary methods that not only improve pitchers but help them avoid serious injuries - it was critical to get great pictures of the coaches and players in their state-of-the-art Santa Ana facility.

eCommerce that takes care of business while the NPA West team can focus on coaching

The NPA West needed a solid e-commerce solution to sell their physical products as well as spots to their specialized clinics, camps and workouts. Great photography, descriptions, SSL, and a flexible e-commerce setup allows the organization to promote their goods, sell them, make more money and focus on what they love to do most: coach.

NPA West eCommerce example

SEO, sales pages and more

Over time, Charlie and I have monitored how this site has performed and constantly fine-tuned it so that it helps the NPA West reach its goals. Whether it's filling up a specialized clinic, selling more of its patented equipment, adding new subscribers to its mailing list or setting up systems to get players registered for one-on-one coaching, we are consistently looking at how to improve the site so that it helps the NPA West grow. And so that it supports the organization as the world of pitching and coaching changes. Teamwork is one of the most important parts of sports success. And this was no different when it came to charting and achieving the NPA West's website success.

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