Creating a logo with just text is a great way of using your name or your company name and standing apart from the crowd. Many companies use their name or some form of their name as their logo - New Balance, 3M, Everlast, to name a few. So in this video, I'll show you how you can take one font and transform it into a simple, elegant and memorable logo for your business. 

There are so many interesting fonts out there that you can use. And many are free! So to get started, I recommend going to Google Fonts. The site gives you all sorts of options for fonts - handwritten, display, serif, sans-serif, script - so try out a few and see what comes up. Or, if you've seen a font used in a logo or on a website that you like, look it up. There's a good chance it's a Google font. 

Try it out in the font's page. Play around with the size. Look at how it displays in regular weight, italic, bold, black, condensed - whatever variations it offers. The more you do this you'll see what works and what doesn't, what you like and don't like and so on. 

Also, look at the font pairing recommendations that Google has on each font page. You might see some combinations that you hadn't considered. And you'll also notice there are no rules here. Although many designers believe that you should pair a serif with a sans-serif, that isn't always the case. So look around, take your time. If you're looking for a font for your logo, you'll really want to try many out until you come across "the one." 

And if you can't find what you're looking for on Google Fonts, don't despair. There are so many other font sites. Some sites offer free fonts and others require payments. I've listed some sites at the bottom of this post. 

In the meantime, take a look at this video to get an idea of how I approached this situation. I'll be publishing more text logo videos, too. 

In conclusion

What did you think? Are you interested in developing and designing a logo with just text? 

As I mentioned earlier, there are tons of sites that offer free fonts or sell them. And personally, I think if you are willing to buy a font, buy it. The paid ones tend to be more unique, and you'll get many more variations of the font with a paid version. 

Google Fonts (The font I used in this tutorial is Cinzel)



Adobe Fonts 

And if you want to see some amazing pairing of fonts, go to the master, Type Wolf.