If people are coming to your website and not taking action - not signing up for a newsletter, not clicking on a button to go to another page, not buying something - you’re missing out on some new business. There are many ways of remedying this situation. And in this video, I’ll show you one simple way you can start to turn things around.

I’m sure after watching this video, you’re going to be surprised at how you can make one simple change and see a difference. Maybe not overnight, but with a bit of time, sales, signups and the amount of time people spend on your site will take a nice leap. 

In conclusion

If you want people to take action on your Home page, don’t be afraid to put buttons in every relevant section that tell people what to do. You don’t need to overdo it. But you need to do it enough to remind people of the results they’re trying to achieve. And when people do convert - whether they sign up for your newsletter, sign up for a class or contact you for a consult - you will BOTH be thankful that those little calls to action led to significant actions.