A lot of business owners - especially professional services providers like lawyers, financial advisors, coaches and consultants (i.e. MY peeps) - struggle to explain what they do. When you first meet someone, can you tell them in one sentence, two max, what you do? Don’t be hatin’ yourself if you can’t. 

I work with clients to help them explain what they do simply yet succinctly so that when their prospects arrive at their websites, their main message is clear and the visitor knows quickly if it’s right for them. 

What many of you do is not tangible. You don’t sell a product. At least, any products you do sell are not your main thing. Your services are. And often what you do is complex, and requires a skillset and expertise that few others have. This is why, my lucky friend, you do what you do. And smart people know that they should hire you if they need your help. 

So. Back to the explaining what you do. 

Even if your work is complex, don’t go into gross detail in person or on your website. Keep it simple. People know it’s complex. But they just want the big skinny. 

My first piece of advice: break your work process down to three or four steps max. 


Step One - The consultation. We talk. And I figure out what you need. 

Step Two - We agree to work together. After we sign the docs and you pay the deposit, we roll our sleeves up and get to work. 

Step Three - Final steps and details. We confirm that everything we’ve worked on together is complete, and that you’re satisfied. I give you a plan for staying the course and you make your final payment. 

Step Four - (if necessary) We agree to continue working together on a retainer basis. 

Imagine telling someone this is how you work. You don’t need to go into great detail. People want simple and they want to know what they are getting into if you work together. All the legal or technical or techie mumbo-jumbo is just that: mumbo jumbo. Just give people the skinny. 

And here’s a cool option for how to put it together on your website. 

How simple was that? 

As I mentioned before, what you do is complex, and it requires your unique set of skills and experience. But people don’t want to hear that. Not initially. They just want to know that there’s a logical set of steps you take to get the results or the outcome they’re seeking. 

If you go into every little detail, you might scare them off. To your competitors. Not good! 

If you’re struggling to explain what you do to your ideal customers, let me know. I have a myriad of ways to make that easier for everyone to understand. I want you to acquire as many ideal clients as you want so that you continue to grow and thrive.