One of the most effective ways of keeping people on your site and getting them to take action - sign up for a newsletter, enroll in a class, buy a product - is to have copy that speaks to your ideal customer's needs. They are coming to your site for something - a solution, a result, give it to them! The key is knowing who they are and how you can help them. Sounds simple. But many websites get this wrong. So check out this video where I show you an example of a site with poorly conceived copy and another with copy that sings to its target audience.

What to say in that big ol' Hero area 

A lot of websites use a big hero area - a big section at the top of the page with text overlay - to tell visitors what the site is about. And really good Hero areas usually contain some kind of dream, or goal or aspiration or result that people are after. This is a great way of catching people's attention, and also telling them right away that if they're looking for this specific outcome, then they're in the right place. A hero can also contain a call to action button prompting the visitor to do something like book an appointment or buy a product. And it can also have a sub-head giving people a few more details about what the company does. 

Your Core Message is critical

Some people call this a mission statement, a purpose and passion declaration, an elevator pitch…I like to call it a core message. Simply put, the core message states what you do, who you serve, and the biggest results you achieve for your ideal customers. A statement like this, far at the top of your home page and right below the header, is a great way to really define to your audience what you do and if they're in the right place. 

Your services, products and other copy

It's really important to have well-written, succinct copy that speaks directly, in a conversational manner to your visitors. People are mostly skimming your site for something they want or need, so get to the point. State your features, the benefits and exactly where people can find what they're looking for. Long, detailed paragraphs don't help you. They usually end up being passed over and the content ignored.

And don't forget to optimize your copy

Put keywords in your headers and the body of your copy that people use to find your products and services. This is crucial! While you might be pointing a lot of people to your website, it's important that the people who find your organically - through just a simple web search - are the ones who are actually looking for you. So try to be mindful of that and use terms they'd use to find you. 

In conclusion

What did you think? Does the copy on your website need a little freshening up? Some rewriting?  

The copy on your site is still the most important part of it, hands down. If you're not eager to write or you're not sure you can write what you need, consider hiring a copywriter. Or, find someone, even a few people, who will be willing to give you feedback on your work and help you move forward. 

Search engines love good copy. And so do people. When people arrive at your site and what you say really resonates with them, it's a game-changer! They'll feel like you're speaking to them. 

Would you like some help with your project? Let me know! 

I'd love to hear what you're working on, what you need help with and find ways to take you to the next level, whatever that maybe. I'm a writer and a designer, so if your writing needs a look over and some suggestions, let's talk. Just Contact me and we'll take it from there.