I’m so thrilled to tell you that a small, beginner level, workshop-style course I’ve been working on is finally here! “Workshop: Create a Website that Attracts and Converts” is for you if you’ve been wanting to learn how to plan, build and design your own website. It’s straightforward, easy-to-follow and you don’t need to learn any code. 

Important: This is a course for WordPress users. 

For several years, I’ve been thinking of creating some online courses that will teach small business owners a) What they need to create for their website content, and b) How to put it all together so that they have a website that helps their business grow. 

Finally, I’ve got my first course up and ready to go! “Workshop: Create a Website that Attracts and Converts” is a self-paced course with ten lessons. Each lesson includes a video - and most of the videos are about five minutes long - and there are a few simple downloads to help you plan and design your website. Everything in this course was put together with the beginner in mind. I wish I had this course when I was starting out! 

If you’re interested in getting started on your new site, please go to my Courses page, for details on the Workshop: Create a Website that Attracts and Converts. It’s just $47! And once you buy it, you’ll have lifetime access to it. 

And oh - more courses are coming. If you have an idea for a course, let me know. I might just create it!