Like many businesses these days, you're probably moving a lot of your services online. For many coaches and consultants, this is a great way of continuing to work with clients if you can't see them in person, and, it's also another way of acquiring new clients. But before offering services through videoconferencing, make sure you have registration and payments set up on your website. 

In this video, I'll take you through a few steps to help you choose which tools to use, and how to set it all up on your website. Once you've figured out which videoconferencing tool you'll use, and you've set your new pages and payment system, you'll be ready for anyone who needs your services.  

In conclusion

For many people, coaching and consulting clients online can be a big shift in how you do business. Especially for life coaches, business advisors, financial advisors, talking to someone through Zoom or Skype can feel a bit awkward. But once you and your clients get used to it, I think you'll start to see it as just another way of helping the people who most need you. It doesn't replace in-person meetings, and no platform is perfect. 

Are you ready to offer your coaching or consulting services online? Let me know if you would like my help. I'll talk you through the whole process, help you select the tools that are best suited for you and your clients, and set your pages and payment system up so that you'll be ready in no time.