Sports coaches can't be everywhere all of the time. If you want to help your athletes improve whenever you can and from wherever you are, adding video analysis to your offerings is one way of doing just that. It's not perfect, and it doesn't replace in-person coaching, of course. But it's a great option for both your athletes and for your business.  

There are quite a few video analysis apps for sports coaches these days. And you can use them to analyze and help improve individuals as well as teams. Many of the coaches I talked to for this article mentioned apps that they use to help baseball pitchers, tennis players and golfers with very specific problems. While some said the apps took longer than expected to learn, they said that once they got used to them, viewing and annotating videos from athletes became another regular part of their work. 

In this video, I'll show you a few of the apps coaches told me about, then a simple way of setting up registration forms that will also help you take payments before working with your athletes. 

In conclusion

There's no doubt that in-person coaching is still the best way to coach athletes. And all of the coaches I consulted for this article said that being with their teams, their athletes, and teaching lessons is what they love most about their work. They are, in the end, people who love to work with people. 

But there are definitely times when athletes and coaches can't meet. Schedules change, circumstances change…but in the end, athletes always seek the guidance and help of their beloved coaches. And this is why I think that offering video analysis is one way that you can help your athletes. 

So check out the apps that I mentioned, and others. Get familiar with them. See what works for you. And when you're ready, let me know! I'll talk you through the whole process, help you select the tools that are best suited for you and your clients, and set your pages and payment system up so that you'll be ready in no time.