Bindi Shah

Project Description

Bindi Shah is a meditation guide, healer and life coach. She leads meditation sessions at her home in Saltdean, UK, and she also helps individuals get clearer on life issues. She also offers several creative retreats throughout the year, where she leads people through meditation sessions, discussion groups and workshops.

I collaborated with Bindi to create a new site for her business under her own name. We focused on crafting her core message in a very personal, inviting and professional manner. And we also looked closely at different colors, fonts and motifs such as mandalas, to insert throughout the pages. The result is a very feminine, professional and inviting site that fully conveys Bindi’s kind, intelligent and caring character.

Project Details

Client Bindi Shah 
What I Did Rebranding, Web Design
Details WordPress, Paypal

Creating an atmosphere through beautiful imagery and words

All of the images that Bindi sent me were original, beautiful, peaceful. And most of all, very much an extension of her own character and vision. From images of a single rose to scenes from her regular retreats to the area in her home where she holds regular meditation sessions, everything conveyed a sense of caring, calm, and trust. We also inserted some graphics of mandalas in the pictures and as backgrounds for banners which I think worked really well.

In addition, Bindi provided me with a good deal of really well-written, carefully considered copy. She’s a great writer with a strong sense of who she is and what she is meant to do. Putting both her writing and her imagery together was such a joy.

Photos that intrigue, invite

Earning a visitor’s trust, conveying likability and experience — these are all critical elements on any website. For someone like Bindi, who is asking people to open up to her, to be vulnerable, and for guidance, these are even more important. We went through so many images that captured her core values of caring, respect, curiosity, beauty and qualification.

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