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by | Mar 8, 2017 | Announcements, Rapidweaver, Web Design

Late last year, a new company that produces videos for startups primarily in the high tech/biotech industry contacted me about a new website. Ben McMillan, the founder of Simplified Media, Inc., said he wanted a new website where he could post his completed projects, explain exactly what kinds of services he offers, and why his services are so vital to his target market.

Startups often have difficulty explaining what they do, to investors, to the people who most need their products, and to everyone else. What Simplified Media Inc. does is take those complex ideas and translates them into videos that are easily understood by anyone. The videos that Ben and his team produce are interesting, emotionally engaging, informative and very memorable. See what Simplified did for Profusa’s Lumee device. It’s an incredible technology that is best explained through a video.

Although Simplified Media is a fairly new company, Ben has been writing, directing, photographing and editing films and videos for over 15 years. So it was important to stress his experience while also highlighting his most recent work. We collaborated closely on the content and how to present it best for his intended audience. I was given instructions to keep things clean, very business-y while showing his creative flair. I think we nailed it.

Working with Ben was a pleasure. He is quick, committed, and was involved at every stage of this project, from the initial concept to the final testing before we launched it. I truly look forward to watching where Simplified Media Inc. goes from here!

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